Feature: Massive ‘The Well’ Development to Transform Western Section of Downtown Toronto [Interviews]

March 8, 2022

It’s not often that a single development poses the potential to impact a neighbourhood or district so dramatically that it completely changes the gravitational attraction within the area. And, just as seldom are these types of endeavours completed within a single phase of construction. Afterall, the magnitude of any project hoping to impose this kind of influence would be nearly inconceivable by any passive onlooker. As unlikely as it would seem, however, it’s exactly what’s currently coming to fruition at the site of The Well in Toronto – a development that’s set to become the city’s newest and grandest live, work, play community. It’s a project of such scale that it’s difficult to find a comparison exhibiting equivalent scope and vision anywhere. In fact, according to Alex Edmison, Senior Vice President at CBRE, The Well represents the single most exciting development project in Canadian history.

“The thing that you’ve got to immediately understand about The Well is the sheer scale of the project,” he asserts. “It’s a development that covers a massive area within the city. And, in conjunction with its size, the aspect of this undertaking that makes it so unique is the fact that the entirety of it is being built in one shot. Normally, projects of a similar size are constructed in a phased development. When people move in, they might be able to enjoy a coffee shop and a restaurant, but they have to wait until the rest of the community gets built out over the course of the next seven years to receive its full value. Because The Well is being developed within a single phase, residents will have access to a curated community with all amenities available to them on day one, as soon as the project reaches completion. It’s amazing to be a part of such an exciting development – something that will change the flow of the neighbourhood entirely, lending further to its vibrance and growth.”

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