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Cynthia Avila

Retailers renewed confidence in brick-and-mortar fuelling surge in commercial leases

TORONTO – When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and many abandoned in-person shopping and dining out, brick-and-mortar retail became one of the most undesirable assets in Canada. But now, as many Canadians no longer fear congregating and vaccine passports have been dropped, real estate firms say retail and restaurant chains are scrambling to pick up space… View Article

Cynthia Avila
June 9, 2022

Feature: Massive ‘The Well’ Development to Transform Western Section of Downtown Toronto [Interviews]

It’s not often that a single development poses the potential to impact a neighbourhood or district so dramatically that it completely changes the gravitational attraction within the area. And, just as seldom are these types of endeavours completed within a single phase of construction. Afterall, the magnitude of any project hoping to impose this kind… View Article

Cynthia Avila
March 8, 2022